NMBHI Meadows Long Term Care Facility

NMBHI Meadows Long Term Care Facility


“The Meadows” is a major regional, licensed long-term nursing care provider for elderly and disabled residents for the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute. It provides specialty services for dementia care in both elderly and younger residents. This project provided a new, contemporary facility for the long-term-care residents. Phase I was the beginning of a master- planned 180-bed long-term-care facility. The design of the facility is based on an 18-bed neighborhood concept, which allows localized social areas and decentralized staff work areas. Neighborhoods are paired around shared courtyards to create 36-bed residential wings.

Phase I consists of one 36-bed residential wing and the facility’s central area that includes the main entrance, common spaces and service areas. The central area will also have administration, public and support spaces, including business and nurse’s offices, a training room, staff locker and lounge areas, a gift shop, library and wellness clinic. All phases of the project will be a single-story design to avoids ramps, elevators and stairs. It also allows better daylighting via skylights and light wells, and provides equal access to outdoor recreation areas for all residents. This project is LEED Gold Certified.


Phase 2 of the master-planned 180-bed long-term- care facility was designed to replace the existing 52- bed Meadows Rest Home and the 110-bed Ponderosa Nursing Home Facility located at the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute.

Phase 2 consists of two 36-bed residential wings to be connected to Phase 1 via a north/south corridor. Each wing will have its own dining room, activity room, family rooms, bathing suites and secure courtyard. Common, support and service areas for these bed wings were included in Phase 1. While the physical space for the complete service plant was included in Phase 1, equipment was added as the number of beds increases. This project is LEED Silver Certified.


Phase 3, currently under construction, consists of one 36-bed wing connected to the existing building via an enclosed corridor and following the same design as the first two phases. The facility will be a single-story structure of approximately 24,850 gross square feet. Rainwater will be collected from roof areas and run to a new underground cistern tank. Mechanical, electrical, and special systems will be routed from the existing Phase 1, which is located between the Phase 2 and Phase 3 buildings. This phase is pursuing LEED Silver certification.

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