Health Sciences & Services Building Renovations, UNM

Health Sciences & Services Building Renovations, UNM

The goal of the Health Sciences renovation was to bring the utilities and safety infrastructure up to modern university research lab standards and to support serviceable office and instructional space. The focus was primarily to support the Health Sciences Center growth in active research with additional focus on providing students and faculty with collaborative study and work spaces to foster engagement in research.


Molecular Genetics & Microbiology in the Basic Medical Sciences building renovation. The space is the new research lab for Dr. Vojo Deretic and includes key elements specific to Dr. Deretic’s research. Spaces include a Tissue Culture Room and Refrigerator Room which required an uninterrupted power supply and special HVAC considerations amongst other specific requirements. Additional Hoods and Bio Safety Cabinets were added. This Lab was based on 21st-century laboratory modules and lighting guidelines. The project posed many budget, coordination and existing conditions challenges to provide Dr. Deretic a high-tech facility to conduct his research.


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Basic Medical Sciences Building is an incubator to draw future researchers and students to the program at the University. This renovation project entailed combining four smaller laboratories into a new state-of-the-art research facility under the direction of Dr. Karlett Parra. Design challenges on the project include mechanical system replacement and coordination of all the high tech systems; biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, lab utilities, etc, required for the research with the specialized casework and existing conditions, including replacing the hazardous glass piping and asbestos abatement while working around adjacent labs which were occupied.


State-of-the-art research lab for Anesthesiology. New mechanical and electrical systems and exhaust were added to support the installation of one of only 5 Cryro Macrotomes in the United States. Vibration isolation and control, air filtration and adequate exhaust was necessary to ensure proper operation of the Cryro Macrotome. Additional lab support spaces were also renovated which included multiple fume hoods and bio-safety cabinets. The use of special gases were addressed working with Bio Safety coordinator at the Health Sciences Center.

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