UNM La Posada

La Posada Dining Hall, UNM

La Posada’s location on UNM campus is at a centralized node of student living activity. The project provided updates to the interior to lighten, soften and better organize the space. The orientation and layout of the building lent itself naturally to a new entrance at the southwest of the building. This location makes it a natural gathering space for student living, both for dining and social/assembly activities. The entrance and new canopy helped to revitalize the building as well as act as a sunshade & light shelf to help brighten and evenly distribute the internal lighting of the facility. A future outdoor cafe space with the ability of the entrance to open up in good weather can double as a stage/podium for gatherings or performances.

La Posada has been awarded the AIA Architectural “Honer Award Interior Design” for 2017

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