Cuba Independent Schools

Cuba Independent Schools


For the new Cuba High School two buildings were combined for a more effective, functional facility. The replacement/renovation provided a like-new facility that is a well-organized and comfortable learning environment. New elements include a Science Lab, a full service kitchen, admin space, health office, reorganization of educational spaces to separate the younger students from the older ones, and technology programs spaces. Provisions for smart technology in each learning space were included. The newly renovated Vo-Tech building features a business lab, computer lab and automotive shop complete with two welding stations.


The renovation and addition of Cuba Elementary School focused on bringing natural light and views into the student spaces with large window walls. In order to bring the school into a more modern context, new elements such as canopies, finishes, and fixtures were used. Site improvements included reconfiguring outdoor elements such as stairs and ramps for better circulation. Successful aspects for this project include the integration of new construction with existing, both visually and structurally, and the use of new fixtures, finishes, canopies and other relatively minor upgrades to create a clean, updated appearance for the entire school. Energy-saving equipment, water-conserving fixtures and durable finishes were used to furnish a successful update.


For this project, the entire Cuba Middle School building was renovated, with only the original structural shell remaining unchanged. A new 11,800 square-foot gymnasium was constructed, and open spaces were redesigned with canopies, planters and plaza steps. A new large central corridor serves as a commons area for students and looks into the courtyard. The gymnasium features translucent clerestory windows to bring natural daylight into the space without causing glare.

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