Jemez Mountain Public Schools

Jemez Mountain Public Schools

Projects with Jemez Mountain Public Schools include the Lybrook Elementary/Middle School Additions, re-roofing projects, various electrical and HVAC upgrades, kitchen and cafeteria design, and the Jemez Mountain Schools – Biomass Building.


The design of Lybrook Elementary-Middle is inspired by the culture of its Dinè student population. The commons area references traditional Dinè hogans with its octagonal shape, pitched roof and east-facing entrance. Colors in the floor and walls follow the Dinè colors for north, south, east and west, and the classroom and multipurpose wings extends outward in cardinal directions. A central octagonal courtyard and a colored concrete “reading plaza” continue the cultural references through the outdoor spaces as well. The school building and grounds were carefully sited to avoid disturbing nearby archaeological sites.


The Biomass Building has received an “Energy Innovation Award” from the National Renewable Energy Lab, and the “Energy Project of the Year Award” by the New Mexico Association of Energy Engineers. It was also named “Best Design-build Retrofit Project in the United States – over one million dollars” by Contracting Business Magazine.

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