Schematic Design Services

Schematic Design Services

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN; Respond to programmatic requirements and prepare conceptual site plans, building plans and preliminary sections and elevations. Develop approximate dimensions, areas and volumes. Recommendations regarding basic structural materials and systems. Consideration of alternate materials, systems and equipment, and development of conceptual design solutions for mechanical systems, electrical systems and interior design.

MATERIALS RESEARCH, Quality Control and Specifications; Identify potential materials, systems, equipment and their quality standards consistent with the conceptual design. Investigation of alternative materials, systems and equipment.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT SCHEDULING; Reviewing and updating previously established schedules.

PROJECT COST CONTROL ELEMENT; Consists of development of a probable construction cost range for the project based on the most recent schematic design studies, current and historic area, volume, or other unit costs.

PRESENTATION; All schematic design services and documentation are presented to the owner for approval.

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